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Connecting entrepreneurs with business mentors

MicroMentor Connects Entrepreneurs with Business Mentors

MicroMentor is a free business mentor service for entrepreneurs and a rewarding volunteer opportunity for business professionals. Our mission is to help small businesses grow faster, generate more revenue, and employ more people. We make it easy to find a mentor, be a mentor, and build a business.

Our 2013 Business Outcomes Report illustrates the powerful effect business mentoring has on our economy. Working with a volunteer mentor can help entrepreneurs navigate starting, running, and growing their businesses. The results speak for themselves:

  • More than 5,100 matches made
  • 106% average revenue growth
  • 84% more full-time hires

MicroMentor provides...

  1. A Dynamic Network of Entrepreneurs and Mentors
    Our smart matching engine directly connects entrepreneurs seeking business assistance with experienced business mentors who want to give back.
  2. Mentor Program Platform for Business Development Organizations
    Our Affiliate Program helps organizations quickly, easily, and cost-effectively provide mentoring services to their clients.
  3. Community Engagement Opportunities for Corporations
    Our Community Engagement Program helps corporations, business groups, and alumni networks support local small businesses through skills-based volunteerism.

Who's talking about us...

MicroMentor is an initiative of Mercy Corps. Mercy Corps is a non-profit, humanitarian agency that implements community-led and market-driven programs in over 41 developing countries. Learn more at

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