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Give Back by Mentoring the World’s Best Student Entrepreneurs

Want to engage the next generation of leading entrepreneurs, while keeping your finger on the pulse of emerging technologies, business models and trends?

Now you can through the EO Mentorship Experience, an Entrepreneurs’ Organization’s (EO) program aligned with the EO Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA). As the premier award for high school and college students who own and operate high-growth businesses, GSEA is connecting student finalists with volunteer mentors who can afford them the support, direction and leadership skills they need to take their businesses to the next level.

    As a mentor, you will get to:
  • Provide tools for enhanced leadership and critical thinking
  • Guide the emerging entrepreneur through key decision points or challenges
  • Act as a sounding board for strategic planning and growth goals
    In return, mentorship will:
  • Enhance your own professional development through the application of your skill sets
  • Help you explore new businesses, resources and opportunities from future industry leaders
  • Bring real value to your community by “paying it forward” through experience sharing

By pairing with one of the world’s best student entrepreneurs, you can stand on the forefront of change, while helping your mentee shape the future of the world economy.

Join by using the button below. Or, if you would like more information, contact Margaret Black at

How do I get started?

After completing an interest form, prospective mentors will be contacted with further instructions. Mentors will register on MicroMentor and create a profile describing their business experience and interests. Mentors will be matched with prospective mentees based on expertise, industry, and location. Prospective mentor matches for the GSEA finalists will be selected based on the competition finalist pool, and will receive customized training.

What will I be doing as a mentor?

Your mentoring will consist of face-to-face meetings as well as phone and email communication in a structured, year-long mentoring relationship. Mentors will also participate in a custom training session, and complete surveys to evaluate progress and program results. EO will provide mentors with meeting templates, best practices, strategy tools, and guidelines. Within these formal mentoring relationships, mentees are responsible to create growth objectives and milestones, while mentors provide insight, perspective and support within a safe, intimate environment of idea and experience exchange.

Am I qualified for this position?

Ideally, GSEA mentors will have founded or co-founded a business, or have C-Level experience with a company which has revenues over US$1 million per year. We are also recruiting skills-based mentors with experience in functional business areas who can help mentees with specific issues, including but not limited to: Accounting and Finance; Human Resources; Financial Resources; Strategy; Marketing; PR & Communications; Social Media; and Technology.

I want to learn more!

Questions? Please contact EO at or Margaret Black at (703) 837-6075.