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Find a Mentor, Be a Mentor: How it Works

How to Find a Mentor and be a mentor

Whether you want to find a business mentor or be a mentor, getting started is easy. Create a free profile and start searching!


Step 1: Sign Up & Create Your First Mentoring Request

A Mentoring Request describes the goals you want to achieve with a mentor.
View a sample Entrepreneur Profile and Mentoring Request »

Step 2: Ask Mentors for Help & Receive Mentoring Offers

We will list your Mentoring Request in our mentoring opportunity database and interested mentors will send you Mentoring Offers. You can also ask specific mentors for help.

Step 3: Review Your Offers & Choose Your Mentor

We will notify you with an email when you receive a Mentoring Offer. Choose the one that works best for you and start working with your mentor. We ask for your feedback and offer support along the way.


Why Work with a Business Mentor?

Business Knowledge and Experience at Your Fingertips: Whether you are creating a business plan or expanding into a new market, a mentor can provide you with expertise and guidance that will help you be more successful.

I never even thought of myself as an entrepreneur, and it was my mentor that assured me that I am one.

Barbara, owner of TASK Transcription Services


Step 1: Sign Up & Create Your Mentor Profile

Your Mentor Profile describes your business expertise.
View a sample Mentor Profile »

Step 2: Offer Your Help to Individual Entrepreneurs

Our connection tools help you find targeted mentoring opportunities that match your business expertise and industry experience. Send a Mentoring Offer to entrepreneurs who look like a good fit.

Step 3: Connect with Your Mentee

Entrepreneurs have two weeks to respond to your offer. Once they accept, we will exchange contact information via email and you can start working with your mentee. We will check in with you regularly to ask for your feedback and to offer support.


Why Join MicroMentor?

Convenient, Skills-Based Business Volunteering: Build your professional skills and directly support local small business owners. Our tools make getting started quick and easy, and no in-person meetings are required

I feel like I can make more of an impact, and it’s more meaningful to me because it’s based on a relationship and I can see the long-term results from what I’m doing.

Erika, Sr. Project Manager at GlaxoSmithKline and MicroMentor Mentor

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