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A mentoring relationship can give you access to the expertise and industry specific advice you need. Identify your business challenges, work with your mentor, and build your business. Sign up and search for your mentor today.


Why join MicroMentor?

Business Mentoring Works: When faced with the many challenges of starting and growing a small business, a business mentor offers experience and expertise to help you achieve your busines goals.

Smart Matching: MicroMentor's intelligent matching engine uses key criteria such as industry, expertise, and location to help you form targeted mentoring relationships.

Relationship Management: You can seek help from multiple mentors to address different business challenges. Our enhanced account management tools will help you keep track of your mentoring activity.

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Why volunteer with MicroMentor?

Make an Impact: Work with a diverse community of entrepreneurs to build their businesses, creating long-term, sustainable economic impacts in neighborhoods across the nation.

Save Time: MicroMentor helps busy business owners and professionals find convenient and rewarding volunteer opportunities. The sign up and matching process is simple and easy, and most mentoring happens over email and the phone.

Cultivate Your Skills: Tackle new challenges and sharpen your mentoring and advising skills. With MicroMentor you'll have the opportunity to work with entrepreneurs across a range of industries and topics, from business basics to specialized industry knowledge.