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Share Your Expertise to Help Others Succeed

When knowledge meets passion, it has the power to transform individuals, businesses and communities for the better. Put your business skills to good use helping a small business owner succeed. MicroMentor is a 501(c)(3) non-profit program dedicated to creating connections between mentors and entrepreneurs. Sign up, meet business owners, and start mentoring today!

Business Mentoring Fuels Success

Mentoring helps businesses grow faster, generate more revenue, and employ more people:




Matches Made

Average Revenue Growth

More Full-Time Hires

  • Give back. Entrepreneurs who work with our mentors increase revenue by $47,300 on average, hire 44% more full-time employees, and 84% are in business 1-2 years later.
  • Develop your skills. Mentoring can help you find and nurture your teaching, coaching and professional talents while helping others achieve success.
  • Learn from entrepreneurs. Get exposed to new industries, challenges, experiences, and ideas. Our mentors frequently report that they feel like they get much more than they give.
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Sign up and create your profile. This is where you can talk about your background, expertise and goals for mentoring.

Search entrepreneurs' requests by industry, skills and more. When you've found a good fit, send a mentoring offer.

Once an entrepreneur has accepted your offer, you can take the relationship offline and start working with them one on one.

About MicroMentor

MicroMentor is a program of Mercy Corps, a non-profit, international aid agency focused on economic empowerment. MicroMentor serves this mission by connecting entrepreneurs with knowledgable mentors to help businesses succeed, create jobs and grow the economy.

In partnership with Sam's Club, Capital One, Google, Hewlett-Packard, Salesforce and The Aspen Institute, MicroMentor has created more than 4,700 mentoring relationships to date, resulting in significant increases in revenue, employment and business survival rates.

The program is currently focused on recruiting new members and improving the matching process to achieve an even broader impact. Make an impact by volunteering today!

Success Stories

Jill Salzman


Jill Salzman started Founding Moms as an informal get-together for entrepreneurs who are also moms. It became so popular she was soon struggling to keep up. Getting matched with mentor Jim Mills proved to be the catalyst she needed.

Jim's sales experience helped Jill find qualified hosts and expand to new cities. "Our backgrounds are so different," says Jill, "but his energy is very complementary to mine. I'm so grateful to MicroMentor for connecting us; I never want to give him up."

Jim feels the same way: "I was just really captivated by her energy level, her idea and her commitment ... [Our conversations are] still probably my favorite hour of the week."

Results: Founding Moms has grown to more than 4,600 members in 30 cities.

Jim Mills


Morgan Douziech


Morgan Douziech's start-up, Specialized Emergency Training, grew out of a concern for the lack of properly trained first aiders in his community.

After making significant progress on his own, Morgan connected with market researcher Ricardo Bullock grow the business. "Ricardo has given more generously of his time than I ever expected... Our growth was inevitable with him holding us accountable."

Ricardo credits the platform for their connection: "I applaud MicroMentor for establishing such a tremendous platform for young businesses owners and entrepreneurs to connect and begin their successful journey."

Results: Morgan doubled his customer base in the first year of working with Ricardo.

Ricardo Bullock


Andrea Lowe


Management consultant Andrea P. Lowe was looking for a strategic approach to growing her business when she found business consultant Razvan Radulian. Razvan's business strategy expertise helped Andrea identify the key opportunities for growing her business.

As Andrea puts it, "Razvan was extremely helpful and always found a way to keep me motivated. I felt like I could talk with him and share my successes and failures ... I had a huge turnaround, and I am thinking about seeking a coach on a continuous basis to grow my business even further."

Results: Andrea grew annual revenue by $30,000 and hired three new contractors.

Razvan Radulian


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