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Business Mentoring Success Stories


Business mentoring works. Read about how entrepreneurs found success by working with mentors on MicroMentor.

An Equation for Success

Entrepreneur Ezichi Bordner and mentor Elliot Wassarman build her company, finding commonalities in math tutoring and business mentoring.

Ezichi Bordner


Elliot Wassarman

The Business of Art

Entrepreneur Kate Berube expands her work as an illustrator of children's books with help from mentor, business owner, and tourism marketing expert Margo Wendorf.

Kate Berube


Margo Wendorf

Take Action! Organizer Gains Confidence, Grows Business

Professional organizer Teresa Nicola knows all about uncluttering spaces. With some help from mentor Bill Orabone, she was also able to unclutter the complexities of growing a business.

Teresa Nicola


Bill Orabone

Strategic Marketing Plan Boosts Harpist’s Business

From letterhead to website to leave-behind chocolates, Debbie and Heather created a branding strategy that helped connect this entrepreneur harpist with many new clients.

Heather Keller


Debbie Laskey

Mermaids Online - How One Colorado Mother Tapped into a Global Community

Jerilyn had tapped into an enthusiastic audience for her wearable mermaid tails and was ready to take the next step. With his e-commerce background, Peter helped her create a strategy for growth.

Jerilyn Winstead


Peter Adams

Military lessons inspire emergency responders

Morgan is a Canadian Emergency Medical Technician who started a First Aid Training business. Retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel and small business owner Ricardo used knowledge gained in the military to help Specialized Emergency Training grow.

Morgan Douziech


Ricardo Bullock

Massage therapist becomes industry leader

Ariana has been practicing and teaching massage therapy for decades. Brazilian-American tech executive Newton helped her to become a national leader in her industry.

Ariana Vincent


Newton Paskin

Generations of Southern Store Owners Support Each Other

Sally Roberts owned a beloved cafe in New Orleans for 20 years and weathered Hurricane Katrina. She then helped two young Texan entrepreneurs to start Austin's first vegan ice-cream shop

Valerie and Amelia


Sally Roberts

MicroMentor Success Story: Jill & Jim

Serial entrepreneur Jill Salzman tends to stumble upon business ideas. This is the position she found herself in when she joined MicroMentor to seek help on her newest business, Founding Mother's.

Jill Salzman


Jim Mills

MicroMentor Success Story: DeBorah & Lisa

DeBorah was a business- and life-coach. Lisa was a business consultant. Both of them were registered on MicroMentor as mentors and entrepreneurs when they connected in a peer-mentoring relationship. "Mentors are critical to the growth of any enterprise," says DeBorah.

DeBorah Beatty


Lisa Sudo

MicroMentor Success Story: Lisa & Carolyn

According to Lisa, "MicroMentor almost felt like a year-long graduate program in how to become a successful business person. It had a huge impact on my business."

Lisa Kagan


Carolyn Turner

MicroMentor Success Story: Sandra & Rachel

Yappy to Be Home now serves 45 clients and is ready for more. Yappy's owner Sandra credits this recent growth to her mentor Rachel, whom she calls the ‘Goddess of marketing’.

Sandra Ekland


Rachel Simeone

MicroMentor Success Story: Sharon & Eric

Sharon met Eric and found guidance to jump-start her event planning business. She says, "I'm on a legit path to actually creating a real business, rather than going around blindly and waiting for the pieces to fall together."

Sharon Merchant


Eric Jacobson

Successful Match

"Marketing was my challenge for my business. I had so many thoughts as to what to do and where to take my business in the future that I really needed to streamline my approach. Kevin really helped me do that and he continues to provide me with great assistance."

Tia Williams


Kevin Hanville

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