5 Ways Being a Mentor Can Change Your Life


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Why do so many successful business professionals choose to donate their time to mentoring? Is it worth it to add to an already busy schedule in order to help emerging entrepreneurs realize their dreams? For the roughly 19,000 mentors on MicroMentor, the answer is overwhelmingly, “Yes.” As a mentor, old skills are honed, new skills are developed, and unexpected partnerships work to expand the horizons of both the mentor and the mentee. The list of benefits that come from being a mentor is extensive, but we’ve summed it up with ‘5 Ways Being a Mentor Will Change Your Life’.

1. Watch your mentee grow and develop a deeper sense of purpose. When agreeing to be a mentor, you take on the responsibility of helping your mentee advance towards their goals. Seeing a person grow and learn as those goals are realized is supremely rewarding. As Adnen, a Tunisian entrepreneur and mentor, puts it,

“Nothing feels better than seeing with your eyes the happiness of those who you have helped to improve their lives, and seeing them realizing the endless opportunities ahead of them.”

2. Re-energize your outlook by helping someone new to the game. Sometimes the excitement of the business world can become mundane after years of experiencing it day in and day out. Seeing through the eyes of someone who is starting a business for the first time can be revitalizing and help to remind you how far you’ve come.

3. Develop your skills. If you want to master something, teach it. In addition to honing the professional skills you already have, being a mentor allows you to practice sometimes overlooked competencies such as communication and project management and can help you become a more generous and active listener.

4. Become the leader you want to be. Being a mentor provides you with the freedom to develop your own personal leadership style. As a business leader and expert, you have the trust of your mentees and are free to guide them as you see fit. Maybe you are an analytical thinker and problem solver, or maybe you are a collaborative communicator and enjoy being a sounding board for ideas. In learning how you can support others you are able to discover your own strengths.

5. Make a difference in the world. Did it ever occur to you that you could do something more? Not something different, just more. Mentoring provides the opportunity to create change. Not only in the life of your mentees, but through the impacts of their resulting businesses.

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