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The Path Forward: Fostering Innovation, Equity, and Community

In 2021, small business owners around the world continued to face unprecedented challenges. MicroMentor provided a crucial opportunity for entrepreneurs to build more resilient businesses and foster innovation, equity, and community through mentoring. Learn more about our 2021 Impact Report.

It's Time to Elevate Your Instagram Business Page

The key to running a successful business or creator account on Instagram is to maintain a light level of engagement. This can be particularly hard when there are thousands of businesses competing for users’ attention. Avoiding these key mistakes can help maximize engagement on your business profile and can potentially help you generate lucrative business leads.
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Celebrating Women Business Owners

Jeanina Dupersoy is the owner of a family-run hotel called Alicia’s Inn in Philipsburg, Sint Maarten. Facing the global effects of COVID-19, Jeanina joined MicroMentor looking for support. MicroMentor has supported more than 82,000 female entrepreneurs like Jeanina by providing access to the resources they need to grow their businesses.
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Business Canvas Model Examples —TikTok & Netflix

In this article, we'll provide two powerful examples of how the business canvas model can provide direction, clarity, and purpose to your business plan just like it did for two of the most influential companies of the century —TikTok and Netflix
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