5 Ways to Support Women Entrepreneurs in 2022


March is Women’s History Month, an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of the incredible women business owners in our lives and around the world.

Since 2008, MicroMentor has provided more than 82,000 women entrepreneurs with access to business mentoring. We reach proportionately higher percentages of women entrepreneurs in key geographies around the world, with more than 41% of entrepreneurs in our global community identifying as female.

Yet women continue to face disproportionate challenges in entrepreneurship, including less access to funding and higher caregiving burdens than their male peers.

As a women-led organization, MicroMentor works to help women entrepreneurs overcome entrepreneurial hurdles on a global scale.

Here are five ways you can join us in supporting women entrepreneurs:

1. Shop and support women-owned businesses.

Shopping #WomenOwned is one of the easiest ways to support women-owned businesses. Luckily, there are many resources for identifying women-owned businesses.

The organization Women-Owned is one place to start. They offer a directory that you can browse based on category.

Many countries or regions have directories of women-owned businesses. A quick search for your locale plus “women-owned business” can turn up some great options.

Social media is another great place to find women-owned businesses. Try browsing hashtags like #WomenOwned to connect with women entrepreneurs.

2. Promote women-owned businesses on social media.

Not a place to make a purchase? Like, follow, and share women-owned businesses on social media to show your support.

Social media is a powerful place to share word-of-mouth recommendations. Show your support by liking and reposting content from women entrepreneurs.

Compile a list of local women entrepreneurs that are selling products or services that you support and share with your network.

3. Share reviews of women-owned businesses.

Leaving a positive review increases a business’s visibility in search results and may help a potential customer decide to support a business.

If you have been a customer or client of a woman-owned business, share your positive review on Google, Yelp, Facebook, or any other relevant channels. Let others know what you liked most about your experience with the business and why they should choose it over other competitors.

4. Invest in women-owned businesses.

Securing funding can be the key to business survival and growth. However, businesses owned by women on average receive significantly less capital investment than those owned by their male counterparts.

Look into investing in stocks or talking to your financial advisor about adding women-owned businesses to your portfolio.

There are also many great organizations providing micro-loans to smaller women-owned businesses. Consider crowdfunding opportunities as another way to invest in women entrepreneurs.

5. Mentor a woman entrepreneur.

Whether you have one hour a week or many, donate your time to help women business owners solve challenges and build more resilient businesses for the future. Becoming a mentor is a free and easy way to support women entrepreneurs.

Women are especially impacted by mentoring in the early stages of their business: women with just a business idea are 37% more likely to launch their business with the guidance of a mentor than their non-mentored peers.

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