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Helping Women Entrepreneurs Build More Resilient Futures in the MENA Region

This Global Entrepreneurship Week, we celebrate entrepreneurs around the world who are strengthening their local economies and building better economic futures for their families and communities. Read more about two women entrepreneurs from the MENA region who are building more resilient businesses with the guidance of a mentor.

6 Tips to Help You Get a Loan for Your Small Business

How do you get a loan for a small business? One of the biggest challenges faced by new entrepreneurs is getting a loan for starting a business. While loan and grant options may vary by location, there are some general best practices for securing the funding you need to build a thriving business. Start by finding a mentor who can help you.
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5 Easy Steps to Write a Positioning Statement

At the heart of every effective marketing strategy is a well-structured positioning statement. But what is positioning in marketing and how do you get started creating one? We’ve broken the process of positioning your brand down into five easy steps.
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Mentoring Spotlight: David and Guillaume

Working with his mentor Guillaume Maugin, David Elungat was able to launch a new website and jumpstart his fundraising work for his non-profit organization, Voice for Humanity Uganda. But David wasn’t the only one to benefit from the relationship—Guillaume found meaning in mentorship and practiced his own management skills. Read more from David and Guillaume about what mentoring means to both of them.
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Do You Know What Branding Is?

Are you unsure of what branding is? Branding is the marketing term for the practice of shaping and defining your brand. But what is a brand and how can a mentor help you harness it to grow your small business?
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How to Use Virtual Mentoring for Professional Development

What exactly does a virtual mentoring relationship look like in practice and how can an entrepreneur reach their professional development goals with the help of a mentor? Read more about building a long-lasting mentorship that can help advance your business career.
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