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Meaningful Connections Strengthened Small Businesses in 2022

Amidst the challenges we've faced around the world over the last few years, the one thing that we could count on was powerful connections. This is the key to successful mentorship. Learn more about our 2022 Impact Report.

Business Canvas Model Examples —TikTok & Netflix

In this article, we'll provide two powerful examples of how the business canvas model can provide direction, clarity, and purpose to your business plan just like it did for two of the most influential companies of the century —TikTok and Netflix
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The Ultimate Guide to Business Mentoring

A business mentor is someone who has experience and expertise to share with an entrepreneur who is looking to solve business challenges. Read more as we dive into what business mentorship is and how it can benefit small businesses.
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4 Tips to Take Your Impact Measurement to the Next Level

At MicroMentor, we've spent more than a decade honing our impact measurement, so we know that it can be among the most challenging parts of running a social venture. Regardless of where your organization is at in proving your impact, these four tips can help you make sure that donors, customers, and beneficiaries alike will know that you make a difference.
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6 Must-Ask Questions for Your Mentee to Maximize Your First Conversation

When you first meet a mentee, it can be difficult to know where to begin. As a mentor, you’re aware of the skills you have to offer, but you need to be able to assess how your expertise can be best applied to support your mentee’s goals. To guide you through this process, we’ve identified six key questions designed to get the conversation started.
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The Path Forward: Fostering Innovation, Equity, and Community

In 2021, small business owners around the world continued to face unprecedented challenges. MicroMentor provided a crucial opportunity for entrepreneurs to build more resilient businesses and foster innovation, equity, and community through mentoring. Learn more about our 2021 Impact Report.
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Recognizing Excellence in Mentorship: 2022 Larson Award

January is National Mentoring Month and MicroMentor commemorates the occasion by presenting The Larson Award. Started in 2021, The Larson Award celebrates the spirit of mentorship by honoring mentors in our community who go the extra mile in their commitment to mentorship. We are excited to introduce you to this year’s winner, Vanessa Robinson.
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How to Become a Successful Marketer? 4 Traits You'll Need To Master

Great marketers are Ace's of all trades. They have holistic skills and traits that truly make them excel in the advertisement world, and today we're giving you our top 4. Our hope is that if you see yourself reflected in most of these skills, then you'll have a pretty good chance at success as a marketer.
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