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Creating an Inclusive Future for Women Entrepreneurs in the MENA Region

With the support of Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth and other partners, women entrepreneurs like Reem and Hamsa are projected to create or retain approximately 15,000 jobs globally. Read more about their entrepreneurial journeys.

Do You Know What Branding Is?

Are you unsure of what branding is? Branding is the marketing term for the practice of shaping and defining your brand. But what is a brand and how can a mentor help you harness it to grow your small business?
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How to Use Virtual Mentoring for Professional Development

What exactly does a virtual mentoring relationship look like in practice and how can an entrepreneur reach their professional development goals with the help of a mentor? Read more about building a long-lasting mentorship that can help advance your business career.
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9 Things You Need to Do to Increase Your Social Media Presence

For small businesses today, social media is an important part of an entrepreneurship strategy. But how do you harness the power of social media to build your brand presence on social media? A mentor can help you build your small business social media strategy and grow your social media presence.
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Turning Life's Challenges into Opportunities

George tapped into his strengths and started his errand-running business to help make ends meet for his family. His business has since grown to include a logistics company and gig marketplace. Read more about how George is working with his mentors to build his brand and grow his business.
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