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The Path Forward: Fostering Innovation, Equity, and Community

In 2021, small business owners around the world continued to face unprecedented challenges. MicroMentor provided a crucial opportunity for entrepreneurs to build more resilient businesses and foster innovation, equity, and community through mentoring. Learn more about our 2021 Impact Report.
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Finding Your Audience, with Support from GoDaddy

When the pandemic shut down Valiant Health Solutions LLC's in-person programs for autistic young adults, founder Dori Babcock knew she needed to adapt quickly to continue providing services to her clients and stay afloat. Luckily, she was introduced to MicroMentor through the Empower by GoDaddy program and she soon connected with her mentor, Priyanka Tamuley. Read more about how the pair have been working together to grow and thrive despite COVID-19.
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3 Steps for Entry Level Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship allows business owners the ability to create a work-life balance on their own terms but isn’t without it’s challenges. Get started with these three entrepreneurial strategies.
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Secrets to a Successful Mentorship

With over 20 years of experience as an executive, Valeria was excited to support social entrepreneurs with her mentorship and expertise. Her mentorship mantra is simple—work together holistically and comprehensively, in a way that people, planet, and profit are all part of the equation. Read more about Valeria’s secrets to a successful mentorship.
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Understanding Language Barriers in Mentorship

Paying attention to your mentee's needs can be more than simply checking in on the progress of their business plan. Language barriers and the nuance of words often work to complicate communication. Learn more about business communication with your mentee.
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MicroMentor Builds Bridges Toward a More Diverse Community

Sabrina Jean Baptiste launched Blackandexxtraordinary Designs to fight the stigma against mental health and increase access to mental health resources for African American & Caribbean communities. Read more about Sabrina & discover four more awesome Black women-owned businesses from our community.
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The Coalition to Back Black Businesses: The Prince of Conquest Empire

The Coalition to Back Black Businesses (CBBB) is a collective effort to drive meaningful change within the Black business community by delivering much-needed short-term relief and supporting the long-term success of Black-owned small businesses and the communities they serve. Read more about the impact the coalition is having on small business owners like Irvin “Prince” Lynch.
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TripAdvisor Employee Mentors Helping Small Businesses Survive COVID-19

Since 2015, Tripadvisor and the Tripadvisor Foundation have been vital partners to Mercy Corps by investing in the future of refugees, helping communities survive COVID-19, and most recently, supporting small business owners through MicroMentor and helping to curb COVID-19's devastating economic blow to small businesses globally.
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