MENA's August Entrepreneur of the Month

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Gabes, in Southern Tunisia, is a region renowned for its traditional production of dates. Ecopalme saw an opportunity in turning the waste from these date palm plantations into a blooming business.

Ecopalme is an eco-friendly startup that focuses on producing palettes from waste palm trees. They transform waste wood into molded palettes, animal beddings, and cocopeat, and intend to diversify their products to make biodegradable pots and all sorts of different products that suit the needs of their customers.

One of the biggest advantages of their pallets is that they are easily and efficiently stacked, saving up to 66% of space in transportation and warehousing.

Aida Chaieb is the Commercial and Market Development Manager of Ecopalme. She faced challenges introducing environmentally friendly products to the local market, since it is often hard for people to change their habits and attitude towards new innovative products.

Hoping to grow Ecopalme’s web presence, Aida joined MicroMentor. She has since connected with several mentors who have been helping her increase the business’s web visibility and are helping her to revise her strategies and help her improve sales and grow the business.

“The mentors I connected with happily responded. I got the advice and feedback I was looking for.” Aida said. “Even I would like to give a hand to whoever might be interested.”
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