Awaita Atebor and Sharron Dark: A Tale of Passion and Dedication Won Over Geographical Barriers

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"I am Awaita Atebor, a good and skillful writer and business owner, I am here in this world to accomplish great things and nothing is going stand in my way.”

In a world where physical distance often acts as a formidable hurdle, two remarkable African born women united on the MicroMentor platform. Together, they laid a sturdy foundation and embarked on a relentless journey to ensure the success of Awaita Atebor's visionary enterprise.

Empowering Through the Written Word

Awaita Concilia Atebor, hailing from Nigeria, is the CEO of A-Kania Chronicles. This writing firm specializes in crafting narratives teeming with morals, intrigue, and inspiration intended for various media, from film and television to documentaries and books.

Her journey commenced in November 2022, and its roots lie in the transformative power of didactic, educational, and uplifting books and movies. These literary and cinematic treasures became her steadfast companions, aiding her not only in survival but in thriving. Observing the profound impact these stories had on her life and the world, Awaita believes in the potential of compelling narratives infused with valuable life lessons to guide individuals toward becoming better, more virtuous beings, ultimately contributing to a brighter world.

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Yet, the path to realizing this noble vision was hampered with challenges. A lack of self-assurance, persistent imposter syndrome, limited resources, and a scarcity of knowledge to kickstart her enterprise besieged this talented entrepreneur.

However, destiny often favors the persistent and conscientious. When in search of mentors to guide her venture, Awaita stumbled upon MicroMentor via Facebook and decided to take a leap of faith. That's when she crossed paths with Sharron Dark, an African born who is living in the USA. Sharron is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Nicole International Trade and Emerald Office Administration and Biz Match.

With Sharron's wealth of experience and Awaita's unwavering determination, they embarked on the transformative journey of strengthening A-Kania Chronicles. Sharron recommended empowering activities to bolster Awaita's self-confidence, introduced her to invaluable resources for launching her business without financial constraints, and provided daily affirmations, weekly to-do lists, and insight on the significance of having a YouTube channel. "Her insightful and simple steps," as Awaita put it, "help me to become a better entrepreneur."

Providing Indispensable Emotional Support Beyond Business

Beyond the realm of business support, Sharron offered indispensable emotional support. Awaita's most significant achievement was not just in building her confidence but in believing in herself. As a young entrepreneur, self-doubt often happened.

“In our first meeting, I told Sharron Dark that I had never run a business and I was scared that I might fail because I didn't know where to go from here and didn't know what to do. Then the second time, I told her I was scared what if my books weren't good enough for the market.

That was when she kindly corrected me to never say that I'm scared ever again, and made me affirm the following words every morning: I am Awaita Atebor, a good and skillful writer and business owner, I am here in this world to accomplish great things and nothing is going stand in my way.” At that moment, Awaita realized that she met the right mentor.

A Journey of Transformation

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Armed with newfound confidence and honed skills acquired during her mentorship, Awaita made remarkable strides in her business. Since starting their mentorship journey in January 2023, she has published two books, produced marketing videos, and refined her sales acumen. Today, Awaita oversees a team of three dedicated individuals, evidence of the transformative power of mentorship and the unwavering dedication to her vision.

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Awaita and Sharrons’ journey has not only empowered Awaita to realize her dream of creating morally enriched narratives but has also illuminated the profound impact of emotional support in the world of entrepreneurship. As they continue to chart their course forward, their shared commitment to making a positive difference in the world through the written word and unwavering belief in one another leaves an inspiring legacy for aspiring entrepreneurs and mentors alike.

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