Creating New Avenues for Growth in the Entertainment Industry


Chris J. Wright is a man of many talents. He has successfully developed Chris J. Wright Enterprises as a way to monetize his skills in the entertainment industry. Based in Florida, he is a model, actor, writer, speaker, and content creator. When he was first starting to develop his business, the COVID-19 pandemic put a stop to many in-person career opportunities for Chris. The entertainment industry was paused for the moment, and Chris began looking online for new and more creative ways to fund his business and stay afloat amid uncertainty.

While he was looking to grow his business knowledge to keep growing financially, Chris found the Coalition to Back Black Businesses Grant Program, managed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation. After applying, he was one of only 600 approved applicants for the grant at that time, which allowed him to receive money to support his business as well as introduce him to mentoring sites, one of which was MicroMentor.

Chris was all in. After spending time reaching out to mentors on MicroMentor and seeing who he could build a relationship with, Chris began working with two mentors, Matthew Bierman and Ronnie Slone. He began to meet weekly with both mentors, scheduling meetings to discuss developing his growth plan and prioritizing his multiple professional skills. Chris remembers stepping out of his comfort zone to learn new business terminology and grow his skillset. “They were good at explaining, but I had to do my work and learn, I guess, what it was or is that they were speaking on.”

From that point, Chris gained confidence in himself and his abilities by working with his mentors. Through meeting and learning, he began to see how important it was to be a part of a team and rely on others to help guide his vision. “I was putting so much pressure on myself. Just me, me, me.” He gained the confidence to start going to networking groups and to meet people with similar business interests, always with the goal to learn from the others and take his new knowledge back to Chris J. Wright Enterprises.

A few years after receiving the grant and connecting with his mentors, Chris is still growing. He is implementing the growth plan he created by funding his business more than before and expanding to create new podcast content. When talking about his successful mentoring relationships, Chris had a few ideas as to why they worked so well. “It’s definitely having core values,” he reflected. “[My mentors] were kind. They were nice, honest. They had integrity. They were open to dialogue or communication. They showed me that they cared.” All of these elements allowed Chris to put trust in them and in himself, and most importantly, to see all of his options for business growth.

Joining MicroMentor was one way that Chris has been able to find new avenues of business growth in spite of the changes the pandemic has brought to the entertainment industry. “I saw that I needed help, and MicroMentor provided that extra help for me to continue to grow and scale.”

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