MENA's December Entrepreneur of the Month


Majd Ahmad is a talented, young Jordanian entrepreneur who runs a home-based business crafting exquisite resin artwork.

With the consequences of COVID affecting Jordan's economic condition, Majd spent a lot of time at home looking for work during the pandemic. However, unemployment was not a barrier for him and the time provided him the opportunity to start thinking outside the box and build and develop something of his own.

Majd joined MicroMentor with the hopes of finding a means to supplement his income. He had a great idea for a platform to help job searchers enter the labor market, but after many tries and advice from his mentor Sana Hammad, he decided not to pursue it because it was too large a project for volunteers to handle.

Sana pushed him to come up with something he could do on his own, utilizing his own set of skills. As a result, she provided him with the necessary guidance to help him develop his brand, adopt a differentiation strategy, select designs, classify products, set prices, and maintain a social media presence until he began selling his products to actual customers.

Sana has helped many entrepreneurs in overcoming their business issues by providing career planning, small business planning, human resources management strategy for SMEs, recruiting and interviewing support, and coaching services.

Majd promotes his items on Facebook and Instagram, where he has received numerous orders. In the future, he hopes to extend his network and be able to offer his items to more people.

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