MENA's February Entrepreneur of the Month

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Reem Daher is a devoted and passionate social entrepreneur who has experience managing various projects.

She is working on an initiative entirely focused on empowering less fortunate and underprivileged Lebanese women. Her initiative is called “Khutwa” which translates to “Step,” meaning: a step closer to empowerment, a step closer to success, a step closer to an open-minded community. Khutwa works with women who were forced to leave the educational system and have had to find work in the underground economy.

Reem was having difficulties locating her targeted group, nevertheless, with the help and support of a mentor on MicroMentor, she was able to see her idea differently with a fresh and broad perspective.

Reem, along with her team, will be working towards creating a safe space to educate, teach, and train women, as well as provide them with suitable job opportunities based on their skills.

She is very excited to see her hard work pay off and finally get to turn her project into a reality.

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