It's Time to Elevate Your Instagram Business Page


The social media platform Instagram has certainly changed the way we communicate and has created many new opportunities for businesses to promote themselves. With the brands of the world flocking to Instagram to show off their business, the competition on the platform is extremely high. The key to running a successful business or creator account on Instagram is to maintain a high level of engagement. This can be particularly hard when there are thousands of businesses competing for users’ attention. Avoiding these key mistakes can help maximize engagement on your business profile and can potentially help you generate lucrative business leads.

Image is Everything!

Instagram is full of high quality images that are aesthetically pleasing and impactful. When you create a business page on Instagram is it important to avoid posting any low quality images. In many cases a potential consumer may not even be looking for your particular Instagram business page. Odds are someone will be scrolling along, randomly see your advertisement and want to see more. You’ll typically only have a few seconds to make a first impression. First impressions are extremely important, and an impactful first impression can help convert profile visits into potential clientele.

Not a professional photographer? That’s okay! No one knows your product better than you do, so use your vision to build a brand identity on Instagram. Additionally, the quality of phone cameras are now comparable to some high-end professional cameras out there. Use that to your advantage! There are plenty of online tutorials available to help you make the most of your phone camera.

Many don’t realize this, but over editing and using excessive filters can also reduce image quality. While the image filters on Instagram are great, you can elevate your images by editing them using a tool like Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Their presets are recommended by professional photographers, photo edits are less likely to reduce image quality.

A Good Insta Bio Goes a Long Way

Not having a strong bio is a mistake that a shocking amount of companies make when creating an Instagram business page. Having even a brief bio that includes things such as your company website, a slogan and even a bit of a description about your company can achieve a lot! At the very least, having this information on your Instagram business page can cut down on repetitive questions you may get. For example, say you own a bakery and you’ve posted high quality images of various pastries. A short, well written bio would tell your potential customers where they can get said goodies, if your products are specifically gluten free or not, and if you offer made to order products like wedding cakes. With so many brands establishing themselves on Instagram, a well-constructed bio can help set your business apart and attract the right customers.

Keep the IG Posts Coming

When it comes to running a successful business account on Instagram, consistency is key. The average business account posts about 1.6 times daily and puts up an average of 17 Instagram stories. Posting less frequently will divert people’s attention elsewhere. It is important to maintain a high level of engagement with your followers so that your brand is always on their mind. Failing to do so, will limit your reach and stunt your account’s growth potential.

When it comes to posting content, the best thing to do is be authentic. Show customers some behind the scene content, share what inspires you, and talk about your business journey. It also helps to get creative - try hosting giveaways and contests to engage your followers. The main goal is to showcase your products and share your brand story through images and videos. If you are not excited to show off your own business, how can you expect others to do the same?

Another way to maintain a high level of engagement is through Instagram stories. Use your stories to share promotions and get feedback from your followers through the polling and quiz features on Instagram. Ask your customers what they would like to see. This makes them feel heard and can improve brand loyalty. New to content marketing? Here is a guide we've created to get you started.

Ignoring IG Insights? Bad Idea...

Analytics or “Insights” for Instagram allow you to track what is and isn’t working for your business. Ignoring these numbers can be a huge mistake because they are key indicators of how your business page is performing. You can use Insights to monitor how your content is performing and the extent of it reach. This information can help you tailor your social media strategy to maximize engagement and reach the right audience. The best part about Insights is that you can track 12 months worth of data to identify key trends and patterns over time.

Insights lets you view analytics for your overall audience, feed posts, videos, stories, reels, and lives. These analytics may certainly seem overwhelming at first, but the trick to using them is to know which numbers to track. Some key indicators that should be monitored include engagement per follower, follower growth rate, top posts, reach, sales, and views.

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