MENA's April Entrepreneur of the Month

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Zahra has been chosen to be MicroMentor MENA’s April Entrepreneur of the Month for her recent connections with mentors on MicroMentor’s mentoring platform, and her venture’s success.

“Boutique” is an Egyptian fashion, social and online platform owned by Zahra Omar that mainly aims to empower small businesses economically by connecting them with potential customers and helping them to advertise their products effectively and easily.

Zahra started “Boutique” in 2020 where her main aim was to support fashion businesses in Egypt by having clothing stores use her platform to sell their products, as well as provide Egyptian women with a fashion blog where they can keep up with the latest fashion styling tips. On top of that, women are able to post and share their outfits to give other women ideas on how to dress up.

Zahra went through some challenges and needed help in figuring out whether the marketing and business plans she had placed were correct, and that is how she got introduced to MicroMentor. She was also looking for ways to establish relationships with support institutions or individuals in Egypt.

Zahra and along with her technical partner have recently launched Boutique's application on Google's Play Store. Boutique is also on Facebook and Instagram.