MENA's October Entrepreneur of the Month


Barj Marketing was started in July 2021 by Gawaher Ahmed and her husband Bandar Alamoudi. It is a multi-service company located in Saudi Arabia that specializes in Digital and Social Media Marketing.

Gawaher faced challenges studying, learning, and understanding the basics of Digital Marketing. Although she enrolled in many Digital Marketing courses in Saudi Arabia, she never felt she was fully capable of professionally practicing it.

Gawaher joined MicroMentor in hopes of learning the correct core principles of Digital Marketing. She connected with multiple mentors on the platform and started implementing her understanding towards successfully building her business.

She greatly benefitted from several mentors on the platform, but mostly from an Egyptian mentor whose name is Ahmed Hassan. He was able to deliver the correct information in an easy and professional manner.

Gawaher’s learning journey is still just in the beginning. She is working on creating creative content for her clients, and soon enough, designing and creating a fully functional website for her company.

“I enrolled in so many Digital Marketing courses, but the mentors on MicroMentor are far more useful.” Gawaher said.
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