Enactus Students Tap Nestle Exec to Help Transform Sugarcane Waste into Female Employment


About the Author

Luis and a team of student entrepreneurs are transforming sugar cane pulp into jobs with their social enterprise, Amazolli.

Working in collaboration with other young entrepreneurs through an Enactus program in Centro Universitario de los Valles Jalisco in Mexico, Luis and his team set out to find a way to create employment opportunities for local women in vulnerable situations. The team  found that by partnering with sugar companies to collect their unwanted sugar cane pulp and turning it into paper products, they could provide a potentially scalable solution to female unemployment.

Looking to achieve the highest impact possible, Luis and his team used the Enactus mentoring network, powered by MicroMentor, to connect with Marcos Yamamoto, a Senior Executive of Nestle, who had a wealth of experience in strategic and financial planning. Over the course of three months, Marcos helped solidify Amazolli’s dream of creating dignified employment for more women, by advising the group on a scalability strategy accompanied by realistic financial projections. As Luis puts it,  “As young people, we don’t have experience in management and organization.  The platform allowed us to connect with a network of experts, with the corporate world, and take advantage of their talents to grow our projects.”

For Marcos, being a mentor represented a great opportunity to help a new generation have access to the same opportunities he had, “The world today demands that we be socially responsible to young people. The least that we can do is open the door for young people to our talent and experience.”