Boss Ladies of MicroMentor: Part 1

March 3, 2020 | Interview with Tatiana Pérez Petrone

In honor of Women's Month, we turned to three global members of our women-led leadership team to learn more about the impact mentoring has had on their careers and how they hope to inspire the next generation of female leaders. First up is Tatiana Pérez Petrone, Global Programs Director at MicroMentor. Tatiana, based in Mexico City, holds an MA in Social Community Psychology from the University of Buenos Aires and leads our expansion in Latin America, MENA, and SE Asia.


Tatiana Pérez Petrone, MicroMentor Global Programs Director, Mexico City

"Through my professional career, I have had the opportunity to work on the side of smart, empathetic and amazing women."

What role have female role models and mentors played for you in your professional development?

Fortunately, throughout my career I have had the opportunity to work with smart and incredible women—from peers, managers, and women on my own team. From women in leadership roles, I have learned the possibility of empathetic and compassionate leadership, without leaving aside the importance of the objectives and development of the company. I want to say that it has not been completely random, the fact that much of my professional career has been in companies led by women. Especially the women directors of these companies have marked my professional life thanks to their experience, mentoring and sisterhood.

Why do you think mentoring is especially important for female entrepreneurs?

For me, constantly working with mentors, both women and men, the difference in how women talk about themselves, their achievements and skills, and how men do it has been very noticeable. There is an element of self-confidence and self-recognition that, because of the way we have been raised, is not very present. I believe that mentoring can play a key role in improving the confidence we have in ourselves, and in accessing new and closer role-models. In my experience, women who have achieved success are very willing to help others who are starting, because they recognize the particular challenges that women face when they are launching a business.

Besides that, MicroMentor platform is free and flexible for women, so you can access help at no cost, in your own schedule. These are really important factors when we are trying to increase access to resources for women entrepreneurs.

What unique challenges do you see womxn entrepreneurs facing globally?

I believe that as long as the double or triple workload of women remains invisible, and there are no policies that favor greater equity, we are still far from seeing a more active participation of women in entrepreneurship. For me, that is still the great barrier: women suffer enormous wear trying to "balance" their careers and personal and professional development, while pursuing other roles as mothers and wives. This huge disparity in parenting and domestic activities prevents women from dedicating more time and energy to growing their businesses.

Do you have any stories or examples of female entrepreneurs and/or mentors that inspire you to keep doing what you do?

Whenever I think of women mentors, the first image that comes to my mind is that of Carolina Nieto, a Mexican social entrepreneur whose company is geared toward connecting to a market that values ​​the work of Mexican women artisans. Her leadership and empathy, and her commitment to the success of other women constantly inspire me.

How do you hope to inspire the next generation of female entrepreneurs?

I would like to be able to convey a little of what I have received, through the women who have been a role model for me. To show that empathetic and human leadership is possible without this being a detriment to the company. I hope that, together with the incredible team of women leaders of MicroMentor, our platform can increasingly become the place for women entrepreneurs where they can find the help they need for their personal and business endeavors.