Meet a Supermentor—Dharm Sidhu

Brenna Kutch

About the Author

dharmDharm admits that he has learned many of his lessons in entrepreneurship the hard way, over his decade of experience in the technology sector. Today he is leader, innovator and business strategist in product development, who shares his expertise through mentoring to empower entrepreneurs with the ability to make the right decisions for themselves and their businesses.

Dharm chooses to mentor a narrow segment of entrepreneurs on the MicroMentor platform, where he sees the greatest opportunity for impact: women in STEM, (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).  He has seen the disproportionate representation of women in this field throughout his career and feels passionate about reversing the trend.

“My life’s goal is to continuously collaborate with strategic thought leaders to generate and implement ideas, strategies and technologies that challenge the norm and make a real impact across businesses, while improving the lives of underprivileged members of our society.”

Dharm is a “supermentor” on MicroMentor; he has connected with hundreds on entrepreneurs since he joined the community in 2017. He approaches his mentoring relationships holistically, and often works through the topics of business operations, financial modeling and intellectual property rights. Dharm says that business challenges can be very localized. Rather than always approaching challenges from a US perspective, the mentor must ask what the entrepreneur thinks about their solution. People across the world work differently, so Dharm believes a mentor’s role is to lend entrepreneurs their collection of lessons learned while encouraging the entrepreneur to trust in their local knowledge to make the best business decisions.

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