Mentorship and the Brain Diva

Brenna Kutch

About the Author

Carrie A. Boan (The Brain Diva) is a Certified Brain Health Expert, Life Coach, Speaker, and Youth Sports Safety Consultant who was struggling with marketing her business—particularly with her website. After reaching out to several mentors on MicroMentor, she has transformed her marketing efforts through a drastically improved website, and feels confident in promoting her brand and her skillset.

carrie300One of her mentoring connections in particular has evolved into a strong partnership. Thanks to his feedback, she has been able to build her website, create impactful content, and generate leads with a greatly reduced learning curve. “Before working with Mr. Dilks, I felt lost and was struggling. Now that I have confidence in my website and what I am offering, clients come to me instead of me begging for them.” Though her initial challenge has long since been solved, her mentor continues to provide feedback on new content, her website, marketing ideas and more.

When the 2017 MicroMentor Business Outcomes Survey was sent out, Carrie participated—and in a stroke of great entrepreneurial luck, she won the sweepstakes! With that, she was able to travel to a professional development opportunity that she would not have been able to afford otherwise, which was integral to her business development. “I am truly grateful for my sweepstakes winning. Without it, I would’ve missed out on yet another life changing experience.”

She now speaks at conferences and gives workshops on the power of mentoring, while continuing to use the skills she learned from her mentors to coach others. Carrie’s success is an illustration of the many entrepreneurs on MicroMentor who make an impact in their communities through a socially-minded business mission and commitment to becoming a mentor to others.

“MicroMentor really opened my eyes to what mentorship, both being a mentor and being mentored, meant. I cannot express the value of mentorship enough.”

Carrie’s photo courtesy of Focus on Fabulous Creative Photography