Military Lessons Inspire Emergency Responders


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Morgan  of Specialized Emergency Training from Edmonton, Canada, and retired US Army Lieutenant colonel Ricardo Bullock from Washington, DC

morgan-dA skilled Emergency Medical Technician, Morgan Douziech has a passion for responding to crisis. Morgan always knew that he wanted to be a business owner, and his startup grew out of a concern for the lack of properly trained first aiders in his community, the importance of which is not always appreciated until disaster strikes.

So sparked the birth of Specialized Emergency Training and the journey to equip Canadians to respond to medical emergencies properly. In his first few years, Morgan’s business of providing first aid trainings in schools and workplaces had made significant progress. However, Morgan was still unsure exactly how to reach the right people and achieve rapid growth. He discovered MicroMentor at his home in Edmonton, Canada, while reading Entrepreneur Magazine, and decided to give business mentoring a shot. Little did he know that the man to help him was reading the same article 2,300 miles away in Washington, DC.

Ricardo Bullock has dedicated his life to the United States Military. He has led teams of over 800 men through countless battles, holds an MBA and is the founder and owner of ARCEBE Consulting Group. The connections between his diverse experiences are more commonsense than one would think.

“The military presents a unique opportunity for an individual to develop the team building, leadership, and organizational skills that are most desirable in the business world today. I like to say that the biggest business we have in America is the Department of Defense,” shares Ricardo.

Ricricardo-bullock-afghanistanardo’s experience thriving in difficult conditions proved applicable to the numerous challenges he would help Morgan face. The pair worked on marketing strategy, operations, outsourcing, using technology, healthy growth, and networking, amongst other things.

Morgan shares, “Ricardo has given more generously of his time than I ever expected. We doubled our customer base in our first year working with Ricardo. Our growth was inevitable with him holding us accountable”

Ricardo is modest about his generosity. He cites his Christian faith and military experience as what drives him to help others succeed.

“The military is an organization driven by mentoring and developing leaders. One of the biggest challenges a leader faces in any organization is developing others so that one day they can be in the position that you’re in,” reflects Ricardo, “As a military officer, I had the opportunity to share with others my experiences along the way that shaped my career.

Even though growing a successful business with supportive mentoring services is challenging, Morgan & Ricardo’s relationship can teach us a few things about doing mentoring well. From the beginning of the relationship, they created a plan with long-term goals and milestones to reach along the way. Their relationship was characterized by trust, flexibility, and enthusiasm.

“I applaud MicroMentor for establishing such a tremendous platform for young businesses owners and entrepreneurs to connect and begin their successful journey,” says Ricardo. We applaud him equally.

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