S&P Global’s Women’s Entrepreneurship Workshop: How to Grow Your Business and Break Down Barriers


micromentor_12-6-16_1This month S&P Global hosted a successful event focused on empowering women entrepreneurs and connecting them to vital resources and mentoring opportunities.  30 S&P Global employees and 25 entrepreneurs from New York had the opportunity to network, participate in round table discussions and learn from guest speaker Mary Ellen Kramer, a Senior Consultant and Business Coach, who has trained hundreds of men and women to develop successful businesses and nonprofit projects around the globe.


Mary Ellen spoke about attracting strategic partnerships through networking, cultivating stakeholders and by being open to receive coaching.  She also highlighted strategies in breaking down one of the most problematic barriers to entrepreneurial success, procuring startup capital and investment dollars, through debt, trade revenue and equity. Mary Ellen and three successful entrepreneurs in the tech, fashion and social sectors shared their own journeys as entrepreneurs and the resources they utilized to become successful.

Stacey Queroli, Program Manager for Corporate Responsibility at S&P Global, announced the collaboration with MicroMentor as part of the company’s CR strategy, which aims to connect S&P Global professionals from around the world with entrepreneurs through the MicroMentor platform, creating meaningful mentoring relationships that support entrepreneurs, increase business survival rates and create employment opportunities.

micromentor_12-6-16_2Congratulations to S&P Global for hosting this incredible event and thank you to the speakers and entrepreneurs who shared their insights and discussed strategies on how to grow their businesses and break down barriers.  We hope to see fruitful mentoring relationships blossom out of the connections made at this event!