Coronavirus and Small Business Resources

With the global economy struggling under the unprecedented weight of the coronavirus pandemic, it is important to remember that micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises account for more than 90% of businesses and anywhere from half to two-thirds of jobs worldwide. During a global economic slowdown, these small businesses are more acutely affected, with less developed economies and industries such as tourism, food service, and retail being hit hardest.

At MicroMentor, the world's largest network of entrepreneurs and volunteer business mentors, we are pledging ourselves to assist those most in need of support in these difficult times through our global online community and with the support of volunteer mentors and partners around the world.

For Small Business Owners

Are you concerned with keeping your business running over the next few months?

Keeping your business running during the economic hardships during and following the global pandemic may bring up unprecedented challenges. However, our global mentors have experience operating during and after crises ranging from market crashes to natural disasters and can speak from experience on how best to navigate these challenging times.

Please share this page with other business owners who are also seeking advice, as their contributions to the discussion can be valuable as well.

For Experienced Professionals and Mentors

Do you have experience guiding a business through a period of sustained revenue loss?

We are recruiting additional mentors with experience dealing with severe economic downturn and post-disaster recovery. We're not looking for medical experts—our entrepreneurs can gain information concerning hygiene and contagion mitigation from many sources. What our entrepreneurs need from you is your guidance and experience in planning for diversification of income streams, financial management, loan application, insurance, sales and forecasting, SBC bridge loan preparation, business plan pivots in the short term, marketing strategy, and HR and legal issues.

Please encourage your peers to contribute their time by sharing this page—especially if they have had experience getting businesses through times of severe downturn and would consider mentoring on our site.


MicroMentor is a global community. A growing number of countries are already proposing and offering emergency economic relief for small businesses, as well as a wide spectrum of additional information. We need your help in providing the most comprehensive list of official, vetted resources concerning economic relief options in every country we have mentors and entrepreneurs in.

Are you aware of specific Coronavirus related economic relief initiatives in your country? Please send us links by filling out this Google Form and we will review and update the resources below.