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We want to ensure that our entrepreneurs receive the best mentoring assistance they can during the COVID-19 crisis. Though this is a time of great urgency for you, it's even more important to understand exactly what to expect in a mentoring relationship and to be able to maximize the experience.

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Get the Most out of a Mentoring Relationship

Though you have incredibly urgent needs, it's very important to be properly prepared for a mentoring relationship and to know how to get the most of out it. For that reason, it will greatly enhance your chances of success by understanding exactly what to expect in a mentoring relationship and how to properly prepare for it.

1. How to Connect with a Mentor

To connect with a mentor, it's important to prepare and make the right first impression. We've outlined the five most important tips to successfully connect with the right mentor and create a relationship that works. Includes a printable preparation worksheet and business model canvas.

2. Understanding Your Relationship

What can you expect from a mentoring relationship? We've identified four key phases in the mentoring lifecycle, and understanding them can help make your relationship more successful. Includes a printable mentoring roadmap.

3. Communication Best Practices

Mentors and entrepreneurs on MicroMentor are frequently some distance apart—across a country, or across the world! Here are some detailed tips on getting the most out of mentoring at a distance.

Post Questions and Read Answers in the Q&A

Outside of a mentoring relationship, you can still post specific COVID-19 related questions in our Q&A. You can also read the questions posed by others, and their responses. Our mentors comb through the Q&A regularly, so it's a great place not only to find answers to specific questions but also to discover mentors that might be a great fit for you.

Expectations of COVID-19 Request entrepreneurs

Our mentors are not sources of financing. They may be able to help you achieve it, but they are not investors or lenders, and you may not ask them for direct financial support. Your COVID-19 Request badge will be removed if you do.

We've asked that our COVID-19 Response mentors reply to every inquiry they get—even if it's a polite "no." While their time may have become full working with entrepreneurs, we've asked that they let no inquiry go without a response. Thus, we ask the same of our COVID-19 Request entrepreneurs—if a mentor reaches out to you but you don't think you'd need their help, we ask that you respond to them letting them know.

Thank you for your understanding. If you'd like your COVID-19 Request badge removed at any time, let us know at

Share Your Experience With Us

None of us has experienced anything like this. MicroMentor is doing its best to mobilize all our resources to maximize benefit for our entrepreneurs, and will continue to refine and upgrade these features. That said, there will continue to be room for improvement. If you have questions, comments, or want to let us know about your experience we'd really like to hear it, so let us know at