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Entrepreneurs looking for guidance in a critical part of their journey & GoDaddy mentors looking to share their knowledge can have the ultimate impact together through signing up for this mentorship program. As mentors and mentees, you will set your own flexible schedules of when you connect.

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Empower by GoDaddy is our signature social impact program, which equips entrepreneurs with the training, tools and resources that they need to accelerate their small business journey. Our mission is to make opportunity more inclusive for all.

During a critical part of the entrepreneurship journey and diving into building the business online, GoDaddy helps to support that stage of the journey by creating relationships between entrepreneurs looking for online support and GoDaddy employees who have a lot of knowledge to share.

Through GoDaddy’s partnership with MicroMentor, this mentorship opportunity will give you hands-on experience within your own flexible schedule that aligns with our mission of empowering entrepreneurs.

  • 1. Create a Profile on MicroMentor

    A complete profile is the first step to connecting with your entrepreneur. It lets the entrepreneurs in the program know who you are and why you are here. The quality of your profile greatly affects your impression on those you are trying to connect with.

  • 2. Reach Out to Others and Connect

    Explore other members who have the profile you're looking for. Reach out by sending messages to several members. Start a conversation and find the right fit for you.

  • 3. Start Mentoring

    Now that you've found a match, ask questions, share, and listen. Agree on how and when to communicate using email, video chat, or a phone call. Set goals and start solving problems together! Feel free to reach out to the GoDaddy for Good team if you have any questions around your mentorship, the Empower program or the in-kind GoDaddy products that your mentee has accessible to them.

In the member search, you will notice that other members of your community may also be on MicroMentor. You will know if another member is in your network when their profile says "GoDaddy".

You can also filter your search of the thousands of members on MicroMentor by industry, expertise, location and more. Use the handy search filters, pictured in the image, to narrow down potential connections. Then, take some time to read through the profiles until you find a few members who seem interesting to you. Reach out with an introductory message and see if it’s a good match. Once you’ve found a match you can start mentoring!

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