Reach Out to Entrepreneurs

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Once you have created a strong MicroMentor profile that describes your experience and how you can help others, then it’s time to connect with an entrepreneur.

Use the entrepreneur people search to find relevant opportunities. At any given time, there are thousands of entrepreneurs from around the world looking for help. For best results, first browse through the search results without applying filters to get a sense for who is in the community. Then, apply the one filter that is most important to you, and check the results again. Applying too many search filters at once may overly constrict opportunities.

Once you have found an entrepreneur who interests you, use the Start a Conversation button to send that person a brief, personalized message. (For a more detailed description of how to start a conversation on MicroMentor, see “Having a Conversation” in the Further Reading below.)

While you are searching for entrepreneurs to help, they are also searching for mentors. If an entrepreneur connects with you first, you will receive an email notification. Take the time to respond to messages, whether you are interested in working with them, don’t think it’s a good fit, or have some clarifying questions. If at any point you become unavailable for mentoring, you can change your mentoring availability in your contact settings.

Reach out to entrepreneurs in Micromentor's business mentorship program.