Share Your Vision and Needs

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Your profile shows potential matches who you are, as a business and as an entrepreneur. When writing your profile, think about where you are in your business, and where you would like to be.

Know How to Explain Your Business

You might know your business from the inside out, but do you know how to explain it to someone else? Think about the “elevator pitch,” a brief but detailed description that you might give to an investor to show why he should invest in your company--or that you can give to a mentor to show how she can help you. The more you’re able to share with a prospective mentor, the easier it will be to connect with that person and begin working on your business.

Create a Profile That Grabs Attention

Once you’ve developed your business pitch, it’s time to add it to your MicroMentor profile. Mentors will use your profile to better understand how they can help, so make sure that your profile clearly explains your business, business status, and business needs.

At this point, you should focus on describing the problem you’re trying to solve, rather than finding the person who might be able to solve it. By clearing explaining your business issue, you’re more likely to connect with a mentor who can help.

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