How Mentorship Helps

Through business mentorship, entrepreneurs find success.

Mentored entrepreneurs are more likely to report improvements in their entrepreneurial skills, access to resources, and ability to create and retain jobs.

MicroMentor is so much more than a platform where entrepreneurs connect with business mentors; through mentorship, entrepreneurs grow their businesses and create opportunities for themselves and their communities.

With users in 179 different countries, mentored entrepreneurs are more likely to report improvements in their entrepreneurial skills, access to resources, and ability to create and retain jobs. Mentored entrepreneurs are more likely to report feeling financially secure, supported in their interpersonal relationships, and engaged in their daily lives.

A projected 7,640 mentors gave mentoring on the MicroMentor platform last year, donating an estimated $50 million in pro-bono services. These mentors consistently report that they improved a range of skills by participating; skills like collaboration, critical thinking, and communication.

The stories below are a few examples of how MicroMentor helps!


Bipana, Nepal

Twenty-year-old Bipana Dhakal saw a need in her community when COVID-19 led to the closure of schools in her hometown in the Bardiya district of Nepal. Bipana soon launched the Learning Fortress, a website that keeps students engaged in learning by focusing on soft skill development.

Working with mentor Vanessa Robinson through MicroMentor, Bipana has developed the knowledge to grow her business’ impact with grant writing, fundraising, and website building. “Mentorship has helped me see different perspectives, think professionally, and become more confident in the steps I take for my project,” Bipana said.

Entrepreneurs like Bipana are 27% more likely to secure grants, equity, or debt financing with the support of a virtual business mentor. With guidance from her mentor, Bipana has been able to reach students in her community and give back invaluable skills.


George, Kenya

When George Gichuhi Kamau started running small errands for a fee, he realized the local demand was huge in his hometown in Kenya. Taking his business online, George started Errands Guy.

Through MicroMentor, George has worked with multiple mentors to build a brand, develop a financial model, and understand gaps in the market. Over time, his business grew and shifted into a logistics business, Mzigo Logistics, and, which is a platform for people with disabilities to sell their skills in the gig economy.

Entrepreneurs who were mentored like George have created 58% more jobs than their non-mentored counterparts. “I wanted to add value to small and medium-sized businesses. These businesses are the largest source of employment for young people in Kenya.”


Zahra, Egypt

Egyptian entrepreneur Zahra Omar launched Boutique, a fashion app that provides a platform for small businesses to connect with customers. The app also curates a fashion blog that features stories about women in fashion.

After joining MicroMentor and connecting with Egyptian mentor Asma Othman, Zahra has been able to expand her customer base and develop her existing business plans even further.

Entrepreneurs on MicroMentor were 56% more likely to improve their access to business development resources with the help of a mentor. For Zahra and her business, the future is looking brighter every day as her customer base continues to grow.

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