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Start a Conversation. Grow a Business.

Find your small business mentor or share the knowledge you have with a local entrepreneur.


Welcome to Mercy Corps Northwest's MicroMentor mentoring community - a free resource for mentors and entrepreneurs to connect.

Entrepreneurs joining Mercy Corps Northwest's MicroMentor community develop valuable one-to-one mentoring relationships with volunteer mentors and other entrepreneurs. Mercy Corps Northwest believes that MicroMentor is a fantastic way for small business owners to get guidance and insight from experienced professionals and their peers who reside locally and nationally.

Business Mentors volunteering with Mercy Corps Northwest's MicroMentor community share their knowledge and experience with new entrepreneurs in a flexible manner that works with their busy schedules.

  • 1. Create a Profile on MicroMentor

    A complete profile is the first step to connecting with others. It lets people know who you are and why you are here. The quality of your profile greatly affects your impression on those you are trying to connect with.

  • 2. Reach Out to Others and Connect

    Explore other members who have the profile you're looking for. Reach out by sending messages to several members. Start a conversation and find the right fit for you.

  • 3. Start Mentoring

    Now that you've found a match ask questions, share, and listen. Agree on how and when to communicate using email, video chat, or a phone call. Set goals and start solving problems together!

In the people search, you will notice that other members of your community may also be on MicroMentor. You will know if another user is in your network when their profile says "Mercy Corps Northwest" (see image for example).

If you would like to connect with somebody in the wider global MicroMentor community, there are thousands of other members to choose from.

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