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Unleash the Power of Mentorship

Introducing MicroMentor’s Mentoring-As-A-Service (MaaS) For Corporations

Proven effective, individualized mentoring is a powerful tool for your small business network, but building a robust mentoring program from scratch can be time-consuming and resource-intensive.  And traditional mentoring programs can be difficult to manage and scale, leaving valuable connections untapped.

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Here's how MaaS delivers exceptional value for your business

  • Amplify Your Impact

    Provide your small business network with access to a curated pool of highly-vetted, volunteer mentors with diverse, in-demand industry expertise.

  • Scale and Grow

    Leverage our secure online platform, matching algorithm, and data insights to facilitate impactful connections. Our solution is designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing support services.

  • Implement Easily

    Benefit from the expertise of our team to launch, implement, and manage your MaaS program successfully, allowing you to focus
    on your core business.

  • Access Data-Driven Insights

    Track and measure the impact of your mentoring program, demonstrating its success to stakeholders and maximizing your return on investment.

Here’s how you can integrate our MaaS solution to drive business value

Financial Institutions

Connect your small business clients with mentors who can provide expert guidance on financial planning, loan applications, and business growth strategies, leading to higher customer retention and satisfaction while de-risking your business.

Telecom Companies

Offer exclusive mentoring programs to your small business customers, helping them navigate technology adoption, marketing tactics, and operational efficiency, ultimately increasing customer loyalty and service/product adoption.

E-Commerce Platforms

Equip your small business sellers with mentors who can offer expertise in driving online sales, digital marketing, and customer service, resulting in enhanced online presence, sales growth, and customer satisfaction.

“The MicroMentor team helped us think critically, at every step, about what we needed to make a mentoring initiative take hold and be successful. From its initial pilot phase to its availability statewide, MicroMentor has continued to act as our partner in making Business Mentor NY a success.”

Steve Cohen, Deputy Commissioner, Empire State Development (New York State)

Want to learn more? Contact our partnerships team at partnerships@micromentor.org

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Empower Employees to Empower Communities

Ignite employee passion, cultivate a purpose-driven culture, and drive real-world impact with our virtual volunteering solution.

Engaging a modern workforce requires more than traditional initiatives. Today's employees seek opportunities to contribute meaningfully, develop professional skills, and connect with causes they care about. Here's how our mentoring platform delivers transformative value for your employees:

Skill Development


Foster professional growth and leadership skills through project-based volunteering and skill-sharing opportunities.

Global Impact

Virtual mentoring

Contribute to the economic empowerment of under-resourced communities globally and support BIPOC-owned businesses in the US.

Positive Brand Image


Cultivate a purpose-driven culture and enhance your company's social responsibility initiatives.

MicroMentor offers a comprehensive solution

MicroMentor's Virtual Volunteering Platform is ideal for corporations seeking to:

  • Boost employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Promote professional development and skill building
  • Support diverse communities and drive social impact
  • Enhance brand reputation and attract top talent

Want to learn more? Contact our partnerships team at partnerships@micromentor.org

  • Robust Platform

    Seamless user experience, intuitive matching system, and secure communication tools.

  • Employee Training & Support

    Equip employees with the skills and resources to be effective mentors via our virtual mentoring masterclass and certification.

  • Impact Insights

    Gain valuable insights into program effectiveness and demonstrate your social impact.