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New Entrepreneur Needs Topics For Newsletter

In an effort to add additional  value to my accounting services, I am contemplating writing newsletters. In order to truly understand the goals and daily  struggles of small business owners, I would like to know your specific problems when it comes to managing your business financially. Are there are any related skills/knowledge which you may want to develop or obtain? How do you rate your current financial advisor and what new services would you like accountants to provide?

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Here is my formula for the newsletters that we produce. Each month these topics stay consistent and we add few others depending on other business variables.

1. How-To 2. Best-Practices 3. Insights 4. Client Case Studies


Take a 12 month calendar and write down one/two themes per month.Make sure the theme is based on newsletter delivery time frame. Give enough time for decisions. For example, if you the topic is 'closing the books' and say you plan for December, make sure it is published in Nov edition and encourage people for feedback.

If you tell me the industry/sector/region for your core client base, I can suggest specific topics. For finding effective topics, I  read industry material, inquire clients and their customers(if possible). Then I also come up with topics that I think will get us inquiries.

Glad to answer more questions.

-Raj G. | | 925.667.7576

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This is not an exact answer to your question, but one of the most successful marketing pieces that our company, (a technology finance company) produces is a newsletter explaining the Section 179 Deduction requirements.  Most companies are aware of and intrigued by the tax allowance, but virtually no one understands its power.  Regardless of whether your accounting services are basic items such as payroll and bookkeeping or you are a CPA dispensing tax advice, becoming a lexicon of knowledge for things that save people money will make you invaluable.  Inserting legitimate money saving tips and articles will cause current and potential clients to think twice about throwing your newsletter away, and it will help keep at the top of their minds.

Possible Article Ideas (that are informative, but will be self serving for your business):

1) US Small Business Association estimates US Companies save more than $500 Billion dollars due to Outsourcing. 

             Highlights: By outsourcing your sales, accounting, customer service, or marketing you can save tens of thousands on dollars by eliminating costly health insurance, stop paying for down-time and only pay people for work completed, minimize office size and equipment needs, etc.

2) Accountant Embezzles $400K from Small Business.

                Highlights: If you think embezzlement happens only in big companies, you couldn't be more wrong.  The #1 reason that embezzlement happens is because there aren't enough checks and balances in place to make sure people aren't taking the company's money.  According the US Small Business Administration, 37% of small businesses have lost more than $10K due to employee theft.  Embezzlement is actually more common on a SMB level because employees are often filling more than one role in the organization.  You may say "My employees are honest, they'd never steal from me"  The problem is even honest people make mistakes when no ones looking.    Think about your current accounting situation.  Is there someone responsible for payroll, accounts payable, and financial reporting?  More than likely the same person is at least partially responsible for all three.  That is like having this person sitting in a room all alone with a pile of your money everyday.  Even the most honest person could be tempted to do wrong in that situation.  Without a division of duties, this person will have almost unlimited abilities to write themselves a check, hide cash payments, or make fraudulent credit card purchases without your knowledge.  Outsourcing and auditing provide the necessary checks and balances to keep your employees honest and your business working well.

3) State Shuts down 77 businesses this year due to Payroll Tax Issues


            Highlights:  This year the State of Texas forced seventy-seven businesses, with an average of 7 years time in business to shut their doors due to violations regarding payroll taxes.  The state began using a “no-tolerance” enforcement policy, because in the past their 3 strike policy allowed business owners to skirt paying their payroll taxes for years at a time.  Texas state Director, Javier Vaques said that owners became accustomed to receiving the notices of delinquency, but they’d ignore them because it meant they’d be allowed to keep as much as hundreds of thousands of dollars that should have been used to pay their payroll taxes on hand for an additional 18 months.  This is a classic case of throwing the baby out with the bath water, and the new regulations have many small business owners confused and in dire situations.  Most small business owner’s do not have a sophisticated accounting system in place, and in many cases they are managing their payroll, state sales tax payments, and financial reporting themselves.  With expertise in any of these areas, entrepreneurs can find themselves scratching their heads and potentially out in the cold if they make mistakes when dealing with government entities. 


Please note, none of the facts and figures I’ve provided are accurate and I’ve only included them to provide a better template for you.  However, all of the issues that I discussed are very real, and they are extremely relevant to your business.  Your field is one of the most bewildering and dangerous areas for a small business owner, so I can assure you they are clamoring for answers and assistance with issue like this.  I think your newsletter is an excellent idea, and printing them and leaving a hard copy (if they’ll let you) in places like Doctor’s offices and Car care waiting areas in addition to a digital format should result in providing you with some great business leads. 


I wish you the best,




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Have your clientel send you question(s) and you'll have more than you can handle.Hint: Put 10-100 questions is certain catagories.Don't generalize(Ramble).Be specific.Here are 3 steps to solving any situation:(1)Define the situation(Problem).(2)Decide what are your options A,B.C,D,and E(This may your answer 'cause it'll include stufff from A,B,C,&D).(3)Do it(whatever it takes to solve your situation(Problem).Have a situation not a "Problem",ok? Ex-Admn-Cfo.

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