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How do you set expectations for mentoring?

In this blog post -- -- mentor Eric Nashbar describes how he sets expectations in his mentoring relationships. As either mentors or entrepreneurs, how do you set the expectations for what you hope to achieve? What ground rules? What goals? And how exactly do you go about it? Let us know here.

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Most of us who have mentored for years appreciate the fact that the mentored individual will do the job reflecting his or her own values, attributes and outlook. We are only there as guides

When someone contacts me requesting a mentorship or when I am considering making an offer, I carefuly read their Micro Mentor Profile and in addition their Self-Assessmeent, if they have completed it. I look for background and value information as well as life experience. I evaluate the potential market niche, whether the individual is motivated and whether I feel I can assist.

If I decide to make an offer I include links to some of my work on the web so they can see where I have been and what I have done with mentees. It is then their choice to continue. Their response is key to a continuing relationship.

For those I feel I cannot assist I spend a few moments using the Micro Mentor Search and locate an individual I feel may be able and willing to assist. I provide the Mentee with a link to that person as I state my regrets that I cannot help at this time.

I do not chase mentees. Some contact me once and I never hear from them again. I accept that as their choice. Others have been with me for 5 years or more and contact me only when they have major decisions to make or wish to thank me for my assistance.

I use a very structured approach, asking the mentee to work with me along the following lines: 1. Do you have a product or service niche in mind? 2. Do you believe you have a market for 1 above and the means to reach it? 3. Are you willing to develop a marketing plan using the tool kit I provide to validate 1 and 2 above before you launch?

If the answer to the above questions is "Yes" we begin the journey. When we have completed the above definition and planning process they are then in a position to astutely select the tools they wish to use along the way and apply them successfully. Most are able to network their business, pick up riders as industry partners, and attract revenue fuel in the form of customers by marketing and social networking based on the thorough definition and content of their plan.

I assist them in avoiding technology mistakes by carefully cultivating the best tools selection before they launch based on the uniqueness of their plan. At the bottom line I work to help the mentee in defining the business vehicle and its journey first. They are then most likely to pick the right technology tools to make a successful trip.

In my view the mentor must have an appreciation of the rainbow of human values that exist out there and the fact that good communication must relate on an open minded basis to that phenomena.

Our existence and our mental universe are driven by factors that we as individuals inherit through the gene pool, as enhanced by our experiences in life. In short we are most at peace when we are in sync with the personal value system that has evolved as a result of the above factors and when we are permitted to pursue our values in our personal and professional endeavors. If we cannot achieve that harmony we will seek change.

To relate well to a mentee we must find out what they value first.

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