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Hello! I'm trying to figure out all the needed licenses for my retail business. It's an online business selling custom gift baskets. I'm in the startup phases and I'm trying to figure out what licenses I need. I already registered my business as an LLC, and obtained a FEIN. Any help on other licenses needed, or the order to obtain them would be of great help.

Annabelle, The main things you need to consider registering for are sales taxes and employment taxes (if you intend to have any actual employees). As a seller of a physical product, you will be considered a vendor in sales tax law, and, depending on how much business you can and where it is shipped, may be required to collect sales tax and remit it to the state government. Similarly, if you have any employees, you generally are required to collect and remit withholding taxes, in addition to paying the employer's portion of the payroll taxes. Depending on where you are running this business, you may also need a local business license. That depends on several factors, including the county or city in which you are doing business, the size of your operation in terms of employees, and whether the business is being operated out of your personal residence. Posted on 03/27/19
March 27, 2019
Hello Annabelle, One advice is to look for a place where entrepreneurs are meeting on a regular basis and join their community, they will be able to help you with your venture. Quickly on the web I have found for you these sites that might interest you. Best Regards Octavian. Posted on 05/21/19
May 21, 2019