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Looking at motivation, location, marketing, branding ideas, etc. Which did you find took you the longest to gain or complete!

Starting my enterprise was a logical extension of the work I had been doing as an individual contractor, so the transition seemed easy enough. What I had to learn very quickly was the business planning, marketing and competitive analysis aspects of operating an enterprise, as opposed to negotiating single person efforts. Industry teaming, having others work for me and dealing as a company instead of a person were all challenges. Posted on 02/09/19
February 9, 2019
Marketing has always been the biggest hurdle for me for two reasons: it's the area I have the least experience in and it requires an immense amount of patience. Patience is perhaps the biggest issue and is least changeable of the two. As entrepreneurs we often foolishly believe our idea is novel or that we fit into some distinguishable niche that people will flock to. Unfortunately, the reality is that getting your business to a point where it is recognizable within your community takes some combination of time, effort, and relationship-building. For marketing I try to focus on the relationship-building aspect myself--building a personal brand of being passionate for my business--while delegating the other marketing aspects to individuals more qualified. Posted on 02/11/19
February 11, 2019
The biggest challenge I would say is moving it from a concept or idea and actually taking that and starting an action. That's where the idea starts it's momentum. It's scary and difficult because that means I have committed and made the decision to pursue. It also seems like at that point is when the noises that are internal and external get even louder to stop you from starting your journey to success. So what I would tell you is, to stay strong and go after it. Posted on 02/18/19
February 18, 2019