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I’m trying to do market research for a niche target group (seafarers of industrial ships). For me it is very difficult to reach them. I made a survey which I promoted in several groups on social media. These groups included 25.000+ members, but I got a response of 5 filled in surveys. My question is, how to do a proper market research where I can really reach out to the seafarers? And let them properly fill in my survey? If anymore information is needed, I’m happy to provide you with these. Thanks in advance, Nick van Oorschot

Hi Nick, I have had success with using SurveyMonkey (a paid service) to get responses to surveys from targeted audience. I am not sure if you will find seafarers. The one I did was targeted at healthcare professionals. For groups on social media, offering an incentive (chance to win a gift) may be something to consider in order to get a higher response rate. Hope this helps. Posted 1 week ago
May 15, 2019