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The app is for marketing and advertising and then the selling of products on the app online,I wish to know how I can create it and the amount to create the app.

Hi mercy, first of all, you need to list your business requirements, then search for a developer or company to develop it for you, or you can start learning programming in order to build it yourself. in all cases, I can guide you in this process. Posted 1 week ago
August 8, 2019
Hi Mercy, I am going to correct the above response: there are plenty of "no code mobile app builders" which you can use to build the app yourself, faster and cheaper. They would be the right choice for the testing phase of your business. Once you feel like your idea really took off, then it would be smart to invest in your own app built from scratch. So you can google, and some good choices and reviews are on and Choose something that you like from those lists and play with them yourself. See if you can make it work for you. Start with that - lean, in order to minimize the financial risk. ~~Best wishes in your business! Leo Posted 1 week ago
August 11, 2019