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Currently need guidance on attracting and keeping clients, developing a business plan, creating a package, marketing and managing it effectively.

Hi Kimberly, I would like to know more about your business, to see how I can help you. I am Cristina from BsAs. Argentina I am Coach and I can contact my experience in the development of my personal brand and the business plan that I prepared for my company Posted 2 weeks ago
September 9, 2019
Hi Cristina Thank you so much for reaching out. As mentioned previously I have little to no experience with the business side of it. My business would be health coaching so I would help people achieve overall health and wellness. Currently I need help with preparing a package for clients and how to get my business up and running including a business plan and marketing. I look forward to hearing from you thanks in advance. Posted 2 weeks ago
September 9, 2019
Dear Kimberly, I am available to offer the Support you needed. Would you join me at RTS let's get your problem solved? Whatsapp: +2349015992500 Would be expecting to hear from you at a shortest possible time. Regards Posted 2 weeks ago
September 9, 2019
Here's the resource you need: Once you put in the work then someone can really help you but as of right now if the best you have is "health and wellness with a focus on overall wellness" well... to be honest you're in trouble and sound like 8 million other companies already.. How are YOU different? What problems do YOU solve? Do the research and see where market and demand are and plan accordingly then execute on it. Posted 1 week ago
September 12, 2019
Hi Kimberley. My name is Jim and I have experiencing managing large projects at banks, management consulting, and I’m also beginning a Neuroscience coaching practice. We could have productive conversations on goal setting and the direction of your business if you’re interested. Best of luck. Jim. Posted 4 days ago
September 18, 2019
Hello Kimberly, Based your posting i understand you get repeated customers for your business. If that is yes, you need to focus on their satisfaction services. In developing business plan you need to come out with referral scheme and some best offers. I would suggest you can work out on beautiful marketing strategy based on knowing your business style or products. Please let me know if you like some suggestions and work plan for increasing your business. All De Best !!! Deepak Posted 4 days ago
September 19, 2019